The Hoke House ie: The Cullen House!

I finally got to watch Breaking Dawn!…. I loved it…. It was really great and I can’t wait for breaking Dawn 2 to come out…..but to be honest what took all my breath away tonight was not Edward! It was his house….The Cullen house … Again!….I still can’t get over that house! I love everything about it. The entry foyer. The floor to ceiling windows. The fabulous furniture. I love all their art work including the artwork with the graduation caps.

The Cullen House is actually called ‘The Hoke House’. It was originally built by architect Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture as a ‘spec’ house!. (That basically means that it was built with the “hope” of finding a suitable buyer!).
After two days on the market, the house was purchased by the director of footwear design at Nike, John Hoke. Following a cover story in a northwest architecture publication, The Hoke’s were approached by a film location scout, a little film called Twilight… and well the rest is Hollywood History!
I love Bella’s reaction (in the 1st Twilight movie) when she first saw the house!
Edward Cullen: “What did you expect? Coffins, and dungeons and moats?”
Bella: “Um..not the moats.”