Tango Metropolis At The Royal Opera House Muscat

My husband and I traveled around some parts of South America for our honeymoon…. it was a great trip.. we tried to eat, drink, watch and breathe anything and everything that was part of that culture… we had a wonderful time and have been wanting to go back there ever since!!!…Well, today to my surprise we were taken back to Buenos Aires!!! We were taken there through the mesmerizing music and the sensual choreography of Argentinian Tango!!!…..Tango Metropolis was just brilliant….The dancers were so passionate, you could almost feel their chemistry!!!… And the music was just so uplifting, it brought back so many beautiful memories…. So glad we went tonight … I so needed this!!!

Il Trovatore At The Royal Opera House Muscat

Thursday was such a busy day for me!… I am not sure how I managed but I guess that I did!…. Well barely!!!...Anyways after a long hectic day, we went and saw Verdi’s Il Trovatore at The Royal Opera House, Muscat…..This was a modern production of the Opera (set wise)…..it was a high-tech multi-media production that featured massive projected images that created a dynamic 3D effect ….. I have to say that a lot of people didn’t like it!!!… but I loved it!! It was something that you don’t see every day and a nice change…. I got this picture above from the net for you to see what I mean!!! the stage was empty except for the people on it, the rest was all projected!!!… It looked so real… Thought that it was brilliant!!!…

The Opera was Directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, conducted by Nicola Paszkowski,  and accompanied by the Orchestra Giovanile and the Coro del Teatro Comunile di Piacenza.

Celebrating our 10 Years Wedding Anniversary With José Carreras And Ofelia Sala!!!

We had the most amazing night tonight…José sang most of the arias I was hoping that he would sing and Ofelia’s voice was unreal… it was so perfect and beautiful it sounded like a  dream!!!

What a perfect way to start our 10 years anniversary celebration weekend… I couldn’t have asked for something better!

Thankx again ROHM!!!

The Vienna Philharmonic At The Royal Opera House Muscat

The Vienna Philharmonic which is one of the finest orchestras in the world was led by the acclaimed Russian Maestro Valery Gergiev tonight and was also joined by the very young and very talented  Tchaikovsky competition-winner Daniil Trifonov (on the piano)… What a performance!!!…I didn’t want it to end… The Vienna Philharmonic is on a different League!!!… No other Orchestra is like it!!!… We enjoyed every minute of it and hope that they will be back soon!

Here is one of their performances … it’s obviously not in Muscat and doesn’t have the same conductor!!! …..But I couldn’t resist choosing it simply because my husband and son are big Star War fans!!….This is for my boys xxx

Swan Lake at The Royal Opera House Muscat

I don’t see it necessary to write the whole story line today!!!… I mean Swan Lake is the most known Ballet story out there …. right?

Anyways my daughter loved it and so did I ….. though it wasn’t our 1st time seeing this particular ballet ….. and I doubt that it would be our last……I will say this again Thank God we have this Opera House 😉

Carmen At The Royal Opera House Muscat

Last night we went to see Carmen at the Royal Opera House Muscat…..We enjoyed it a lot!

Carmen Painting 

The story is set in Seville, Spain, around 1820, and is about Carmen, a beautiful gypsy with a fiery temper. Free with her love, she falls in and out of love very quickly!!!!

Act 1

A square in Seville. On the right a cigarette factory, on the left a guard house, with a bridge at the back.

Moralès and the soldiers loiter before the guard house commenting on passers-by because they are bored and have nothing better to do!!!!….. Micaëla (a village girl) appears seeking Don José, a corporal from her same village, but is told by Moralès that he is not yet on duty, so why does she not stay and wait with them? She runs away saying that she will return later. Zuniga and José arrive with the new guard, imitated by a crowd of street-children.

The factory bell rings and the cigarette girls emerge from the factory, greeted by young men who have gathered to flirt with them (“La cloche a sonné”). The girls enter smoking cigarettes, and finally Carmen appears, and all the men ask her when she will love them (“Quand je vous aimerai?”). She replies in the famous Habanera which is one of my favorite arias (“L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”): “Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame … He has never known law. If you don’t love me I love you, if I love you watch yourself!” When they plead for her to choose a lover from among them, (“Carmen! sur tes pas, nous nous pressons tous!”) she removes a rose from her hair and throws it at Don José, who has been ignoring or avoiding her, before going back into the factory with the others.

Micaëla returns and gives him a letter as well as a kiss from his mother. José longingly thinks of his home, and reading the letter sees that his mother wants him to return and get married. Micaëla is embarrassed and leaves, but Don José declares that he will marry her.

As soon as she leaves, screams are heard from the factory and the women run out screaming. Don José and Zuniga find that Carmen has been fighting with another woman, and slashed her face with a knife. Zuniga asks Carmen if she has anything to say, but she replies impudently with a song (“Tra la la”). Zuniga instructs José to guard her while he writes out the warrant for prison. The women go back into the factory and the soldiers go back to the guardhouse. To escape, Carmen seduces José ……. José resists in the beginning but relents and unties her hands. Zuniga returns, and Carmen allows herself to be led away but turns, pushes José to the ground….José lets her escape and as a result is  put in jail!!!

Act 2

Evening at Lillas Pastia’s inn, tables scattered around; officers and Gypsies relaxing after dinner

Two months have passed. Carmen and her friends Frasquita and Mercédès sing and dance. Lillas Pastia is trying to get rid of the officers, so Zuniga invites Carmen and her friends to come with him to the theatre, but she can only think of José, who was demoted and has been in jail since letting her escape, and was released the day before.

The sound of a procession hailing Escamillo the bull fighter passes by outside, and is invited in ….. He flirts with Carmen, but Carmen tells him that for the time being he need not dream of being hers.

When everyone except Carmen, Frasquita and Mercédès have left, the smugglers Dancaïre and Remendado arrive and tell the girls of their plans to dispose something that they have smuggled via Gibraltar. Carmen refuses to accompany them, saying to their amazement that she is in love…and wants to wait for José because he is being released tonight!!!

José’s voice is heard ……..Dancaïre tells Carmen she must try to get Don José to join them. Alone together, José returns a gold coin Carmen had sent him in jail and she orders fruit and wine to be brought.

Carmen starts dancing with castanets for him alone. But while she is singing and dancing for him, the sound of bugles is heard calling the soldiers back to the barracks.

Carmen’s temper flares when José says he must leave, he tries to make her listen by producing the flower she threw at him two months ago, which he kept with him while he was in prison and is proof of his love…..Carmen is unmoved and asks him to join her gypsy life if he really loves her.

Her picture of a life of freedom tempts him but he finally refuses saying he will never be a deserter. He begins to leave when Zuniga enters hoping to find Carmen. Don José draws his sword on his superior officer, but before they can fight the smugglers burst in and disarm both of them. Zuniga is made a prisoner and José has no alternative but to flee with Carmen.

Act 3

The smugglers along with Carmen and José are travelling with the contraband……. but by now Carmen has grown tired of José, and does not conceal this, taunting him to return to his village.

At night Carmen, Frasquita and Mercédès read their cards: Frasquita and Mercédès foresee love and romance, wealth and luxury; but Carmen’s cards foretell death for both her and José!!!!…..This naturally scares her….. The smugglers ask the girls to come and charm the customs officers and everyone goes off, leaving José to guard the goods.

Micaëla arrives seeking José again!!!……. She sees José firing a gun, and hides. It was Escamillo the bull fighter….it was a close call but José misses him…….José welcomes him, but when he finds out the the bull fighter is also in love with Carmen,José gets furious…

José challenges Escamillo to a knife-fight, but Escamillo fights defensively, infuriating José.  Escamillo is saved by the return of the smugglers and Carmen. Escamillo leaves, but invites Carmen and the smugglers to his next bullfight in Seville.

Remendado finds Micaëla hiding, and she tells José that his mother wishes to see him . Carmen mocks him and at first he refuses to go but Micaëla tells him that his mother is dying. Vowing that he will return to Carmen…… he leaves.

Act 4

A square in front of the arena at Seville: the day of a bull-fight; bustling activity

It is the day of the contest to which Escamillo invited the smugglers and Carmen. The square is full of people, with merchants and Gypsies selling their wares. Zuniga, Frasquita and Mercédès are among the crowd and the girls tell Zuniga that Carmen is now with Escamillo.

The crowd and children sing and cheer on the procession as the cuadrilla. Carmen and Escamillo are greeted by the crowds and express their love to each other, Carmen adding that she had never loved one so much.

After Escamillo has gone into the fight, Frasquita warns Carmen that José is in the crowd, but Carmen scorns their fears. However before she can enter the arena she is confronted by the desperate José.

He begs her to return his love and start a new life with him far away. She calmly replies that she loves doesn’t love him anymore.

Cheers are heard from the bull-ring and Carmen tries to enter, but José blocks her way. He asks her one last time to come back, but she scornfully throws back the ring that he gave to her.

He finally looses it and stabs her …… she dies. Don José kneels in despair beside her. The spectators flock out of the arena and find José, confessing his guilt over her dead body.


The horses that were used in the final act were beautiful and so well trained….which I am not surprised about since they were borrowed from The Royal Stables Of Oman!!!

London Philharmonic orchestra with YoYo Ma

Today I saw something that I have never seen before!!!! I have never ever seen so much passion between a man and his Cello!!! Mr. Ma’s passion to his music was so strong that you couldn’t help but surrender your self to his music. Watching him play live was just amazing!… You could literally see that he was feeling every single note he was playing!!!!! …. It was beautiful and my God that man is talented!!!……unfortunately we all felt that the concert was too short!… He only played in the 1st interval which was for 40 mins…… It was disappointing because we honestly wanted more of him!… I hope that he will be back to Muscat someday soon.

Eugene Kohn In Muscat

Quick Post:

I have to mention Mr. Eugene Kohn. He conducted for Mr. Bocelli tonight and conducted for Mr. Domingo (along with the Omani Orchestra) last time he was here…. This was his 3rd trip to Muscat and I hope that we’ll get to see him more often now that we have our own Opera house!!!….I have said this before and I will say it again! We are so lucky to have this Opera house right here at our door steps!… It has been a great season so far.

Andrea Bocelli In Muscat

Just got back from the Bocelli concert…. what can I say?… I just loved it …especially the second part of it!!!….Bocelli’s voice, more specifically his interpretation of Opera, has been regularly criticized by classical music critics all over the world. Some even said that he has “poor phrasing, uneven tone and a lack of technique.” now I am certainly not a music critic but I completely disagree with those critics. Bocelli mesmerized us tonight and completely seduced his audience with his beautiful voice …. What an incredible night….

Having said that … I wish he sang Besame Mucho! … No one sings it better than him!!!

The video below is the reason why my little one is already a big fan!