Karl Lagerfeld’s Commentary on the Queen’s Jubilee!!!

Karl Lagerfeld will be a fashion commentator on the France 2 network live during Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee this June…..Lagerfeld previously commentated on William and Kate’s wedding last year for the same network…. I loved it … Though his comments were sometimes a bit rude, they were really funny!!!…..For example, when he saw Princess Beatrice he said “Where did she find that hat, in a bin? It’s atrocious,” and I remember him saying “It looks like she’s wearing a sofa on her back!’ on another attendee’s tapestry coat!!!…I guess it’s more acceptable when old people say stuff like that? … In any case, he was more entertaining than any other commentator that day!!!

Royal Ascot 2011

The Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most famous equestrian events, and is marked in every British social calendar. The press coverage of what people are wearing or should I say what hats people are wearing surprisingly exceeds the coverage of the race itself. As usual this year there was a lot of press coverage of those mad hatters, and it came as no surprise that a lot of people just went over the top with their hats ! … I must say though, its always fun to see how creative people can get in expressing themselves through hats…..

Here are my top 10 Hats from the Royal Ascot 2011:

1. From all the mad hats that I saw this one was my favorite ( worn by Belinda Strudwick ). It was crazy and classy at the same time ! ….

The hat from a different angle ( because I love it so much and would have worn it myself -though my husband says that it looks like a vegetable dish !  lol )

2 & 3. HM Queen Elizabeth II.                                                                                                             The hats were fun enough for the Ascot but sober enough for the Queen!

4. HRH Princess Beatrice of York.                                                                                            I love the fact that she always finds away to stand out of the crowed. And what better        way to stand out of the crowd in Royal Ascot? ….Why, its to wear a plain hat ofcourse !      Although it was plain, her fashion statement wasn’t !!!!! ….. and it looked really nice on her.





9.   Isabell Kristensen reminded me of Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle
in My Fair Lady.