A letter to….

More than a thousand years ago Islam brought dignety and respect to women! Respect that has never been there before!…. unfortunately that dignety and respect was forgotten!…. Until you came…. that is!

On behalf of all Omani women I thank you….. I thank you for reminding us that we are able and that we are worthy! I thank you for giving us so many chances to prove our selves ……and I thank you for giving us our pride and dignety back on a silver platter!!!

Watching the Military Parade by women only yesterday brought tears to my eyes ….We watched the joint female military music bands from the Royal Oman Police, the Royal Guard of Oman, the Royal Air Force of Oman, the Royal Court Affairs and the Royal Cavalry as they all marched in such precision….. I was so proud and happy!… I looked at my daughter and told her “you can be anything you want to be, there is no stoping you now!” and I not only meant it but felt it as well!

Your vision for the empowerment of women has been successful….today we are out there in every sector… and I think that the women’s only parade yesterday was the best representation of that development!!!…I must say that these young women at the parade have set a high standard…there is no looking back now…..We can no longer make excuses to our selves!

I thank you….we thank you … we all thank you!

Celebrating The National Day At Home!

 I wanted to make sure that the kids were as excited as I was about our National day today so I got some miniature cup cakes with little flags on them to have while watching the parade on TV… they looked so cute and the kids loved them! 

Even little M thought that they looked cute!