Andrea Bocelli In Muscat

Just got back from the Bocelli concert…. what can I say?… I just loved it …especially the second part of it!!!….Bocelli’s voice, more specifically his interpretation of Opera, has been regularly criticized by classical music critics all over the world. Some even said that he has “poor phrasing, uneven tone and a lack of technique.” now I am certainly not a music critic but I completely disagree with those critics. Bocelli mesmerized us tonight and completely seduced his audience with his beautiful voice …. What an incredible night….

Having said that … I wish he sang Besame Mucho! … No one sings it better than him!!!

The video below is the reason why my little one is already a big fan!


Thank you Norah Jones and Elmo!

As you can see from my late night post that I’m still up!! My little one ( who just turned 1 in march) walk up in the middle of the night and would just not go back to sleep no matter what I did ….. She rarely wakes up at night and if she does its usually just for milk….. but today she wanted to play!!! …… So while I was desperately searching on You Tube for some lullaby that would help to put her back to sleep I came across  something that we would both love !!  Norah Jones and Elmo!!!

My favorite song of all times is ” I don’t know why?” by Norah Jones …It puts me in a good mood and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it…….And my daughter’s favorite character  is  Elmo … It puts her in a good mood and puts a smile on her face every time she sees him ! …. At around 1 30 am this desperate mother was over the moon! I knew that it would be the right song for both of us. It will relax us and will put a smile on her face while falling asleep 😉

I loved how they changed the lyrics a bit .. so cute! I almost like it as much as the real version!!! ….Almost!

Here are the lyrics of the real version.

So which one do you prefer?