Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!!!

Queen Elizabeth’s impressive collection of diamonds have always fascinated me…. and I am so excited that an exclusive exhibition will be held this summer showcasing her entire collection to the public to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

 will be part of the 2012 Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace from 30 June to 7 October.

The event will include an unprecedented display of a number of the Queen’s personal jewels that have been either inherited or acquired during her reign. It will also reveal how many of these extraordinary stones have undergone a number of transformations, have been re-cut or incorporated into new settings during their fascinating history and will also feature the many ways in which her diamonds have been used by British monarchs over the last 200 years….

This is my very favorite set from the royal collection

Aren’t they just fabulous? If you are in London during this time make sure you go and have a look!!!

Via National Post