Style Icon: Daphne Guinness


I love creative people, I love people who create their style and lifestyle rather than copy others! Daphne Guinness is one of those creative people whose style I have always admired. She has a truly unique and artistic expression when it comes to how she dresses and how she decorates her home….. It’s really true to who she is… no stylist no interior designers… it’s purely her!


Laight Street Loft by DHD Architecture

I am in love with the white painted brick, the white beams, and the black floors…. I mean what a combination right?. A lot of people may see a black and white combination as cold and maybe a bit boring but I think that in this setting it makes perfect sense because it provides a blank canvas for art… It allows the art as well as the furnishings to breath and stands out…. Love it!


A Chic apartment

I’ve been contemplating wether or not I should put these pictures up! I really like this apartment and think that it’s very chic… but I can’t remember when or where I got the pictures from!! I know nothing about the owners … I don’t even know which city it’s in!!!

Anyways I gave in because I just love so many elements and ideas in it…