Velvets Are Back!

I am thrilled that the 90s velvet trend is back! I felt so nostalgic when I saw all the FW collections… I loved this trend back in the 90s…. I still remember Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s long black velvet gloves she wore with her Yohji Yamamoto dress like it was yesterday!

Designers like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren (below), Valentino and much more, have included velvet in their Fall/Winter collections. I honestly haven’t seen this much velvet since the 90s… I’m loving it! I’m loving the wide range of colours and the wide range of designs from those extra wide pants to the victorian style dresses…

There are many dos and dont’s on the net of how to wear velvets… None really make much sense to me… One particular “dont’s” that I’ve been reading everywhere and that made no sense to me at all don’t wear velvet on velvet!… I personally think that velvet on velvet can look great if done right! I’m on the hunt now for the perfect velvet heels to wear with a matching colour velvet dress! Those Gianvito Rossi signature heels in velvet are one of my favorite out there!


 I just wanna run in those heels!


Style Icon: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

CBK was my idol back in the day…. I loved how she managed to be cutting edge and under-stated at the same time. I know that it seems like a contradiction, but with her, it wasn’t ….. and it just worked! . I loved how she mixed Yohji Yamamoto’s clothes with Manolo Blahniks and and a red lipstick…..So effortlessly chic and elegant. This minimalistic approach to fashion made her style stand the test of time….almost every outfit she wore still looks just as fresh and modern as it did back then……I always wonder…what would she be wearing now had she still been alive?
PS: I love the fact that the 90s fashion sense is back, thanks to designers like Phoebe Philo