Rebecca Minkoff and Friends Cover Call Me Maybe!!!

I know that I previously blogged about this song here but I just couldn’t resist blogging about it again after I found this cute video of fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, Leandra of The Man Repeller, and model Hilary Rhoda which they shot as they got ready for the CFDA awards. They were all so funny and looked like they were having a great time. But the star of the video was Rebecca’s adorable son Luca, he is so cute and edible! …and I can’t get over The Man Repeller’s hilarious dance moves….she is so cool!!!….. Actually, they are all so cool for doing this video… It’s actually my favorite one of this song so far!!!

Oooh and don’t forget to notice all the Rebecca Minkoff accessories and clothing 😉

Guess I’m still not over this song!!! lol