Art Attack

Like every mom I have to get creative when it comes to entertaining my kids…. But this morning I ran out of ideas, so I decided to go to Art Attack on you tube for some inspiration. Do you guys remember that program from the 90s?…. I used to watch it with my little sister all the time … She loved it and used to try to make most of the art projects that were made in the program…. Watching the program today brought back so many sweet memories…. love you little sis xoxo 

Anyways …… I chose those two videos because they were easy to make and because we already had all the art supplies on hand …. We did all the art projects shown in both the videos ……The kids had a great time … and I must say that I did too.

Here is what they made:

Meemo’s Art Work:

Moodi’s Art Work:

I love the fact that Art Attack is now giving me new memories with my kids !