Book Of The Week: Gone Girl

It has been a while since I posted Book of the week!!!... and to make it up to you, I wanted to come back with the perfect book!!!… Gone Girl is the closest thing to perfection that I could find in terms of the story as well as the writing of course….I must say that I haven’t finished it yet but I am finding it to be addictive in the way the best stories always are!!! I don’t want to spoil it for you… So I will only say this: A woman disappears on the day of her 5th anniversary and all roads point to her husband as the killer!!! 😉

20th Century Fox acquired Gone Girl….Reese Witherspoon is said to be cast as Amy (The missing wife)… I truly hope that Matt Damon would be cast as Nick (The husband)!!! I honestly doubt that anyone would portray Nick as well as him!!!