A Very Chic Nursery

I am not fond of themed nurseries mainly because my kids grow out of them and I errr get bored of them easily!!! …..There are so many ways to create fabulous nurseries without sticking to any themes… Fashion designer Laura Diego did just that for her little daughter Georgiana’s nursery… it turned out to be really chic and I must say that this is one of my favorite nurseries that I came across so far!…. I love the fact that the room suits little Georgiana right now (with all of her age appropriate toys etc) but at the same time it allows her to add her own personality to it as she grows older…. its basically a room that she will grow into instead of out of !!!

I love the George Nelson lamp, the white shelves, and the light grey walls… they all somehow complement the hot-pink painting by Russell Young of Elizabeth Taylor in her role as “Maggie” from the movie “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”, which in my opinion made the room!

 via Vouge.com.