London Philharmonic orchestra with YoYo Ma

Today I saw something that I have never seen before!!!! I have never ever seen so much passion between a man and his Cello!!! Mr. Ma’s passion to his music was so strong that you couldn’t help but surrender your self to his music. Watching him play live was just amazing!… You could literally see that he was feeling every single note he was playing!!!!! …. It was beautiful and my God that man is talented!!!……unfortunately we all felt that the concert was too short!… He only played in the 1st interval which was for 40 mins…… It was disappointing because we honestly wanted more of him!… I hope that he will be back to Muscat someday soon.

Eugene Kohn In Muscat

Quick Post:

I have to mention Mr. Eugene Kohn. He conducted for Mr. Bocelli tonight and conducted for Mr. Domingo (along with the Omani Orchestra) last time he was here…. This was his 3rd trip to Muscat and I hope that we’ll get to see him more often now that we have our own Opera house!!!….I have said this before and I will say it again! We are so lucky to have this Opera house right here at our door steps!… It has been a great season so far.

Andrea Bocelli In Muscat

Just got back from the Bocelli concert…. what can I say?… I just loved it …especially the second part of it!!!….Bocelli’s voice, more specifically his interpretation of Opera, has been regularly criticized by classical music critics all over the world. Some even said that he has “poor phrasing, uneven tone and a lack of technique.” now I am certainly not a music critic but I completely disagree with those critics. Bocelli mesmerized us tonight and completely seduced his audience with his beautiful voice …. What an incredible night….

Having said that … I wish he sang Besame Mucho! … No one sings it better than him!!!

The video below is the reason why my little one is already a big fan!

Renée Fleming & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

The people’s diva and celebrated soprano, Renée Fleming & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the dynamic Joanna Carneiro preformed tonight at the Royal Opera House Muscat…. we really did enjoy the performance. So glad we went even though we were all exhausted from last night !!!

If My Life Had A Sound Track…

If my life had a sound track this music piece below will def be included!!!… Not because it is one of my favorite or because I always listen to it (which I do) … but because if there was ever a music piece that can get me through anything it would be this!!! Its probably the only music piece that can calm me down and lift me up at the same time!

Style Icon: Maria Callas The Ultimate Diva

     Maria Callas, photo by Cecil Beaton

If I had to choose one style icon it would most probably be Maria Callas …. Actually she is not only my favorite style icon but my favorite singer as well……she was the greatest soprano the world has ever heard … she sang arias like no other! Her voice was and still remains controversial; it bothered and disturbed as many as it thrilled and inspired many. Even though Callas had a recognizable voice she did not like the sound of it!…. in one of her last interviews, answering whether or not she was able to listen to her own voice, she replied,

Yes, but I don’t like it. I have to do it, but I don’t like it at all because I don’t like the kind of voice I have. I really hate listening to myself! The first time I listened to a recording of my singing was when we were recording San Giovanni Battista by Stradella in a church in Perugia in 1949. They made me listen to the tape and I cried my eyes out. I wanted to stop everything, to give up singing… Also now even though I don’t like my voice, I’ve become able to accept it and to be detached and objective about it so I can say, “Oh, that was really well sung,” or “It was nearly perfect.”

Maestro Carlo Giulini described the appeal of Callas’s voice:

It is very difficult to speak of the voice of Callas. Her voice was a very special instrument. Something happens sometimes with string instruments—violin, viola, cello—where the first moment you listen to the sound of this instrument, the first feeling is a bit strange sometimes. But after just a few minutes, when you get used to, when you become friends with this kind of sound, then the sound becomes a magical quality. This was Callas.

On December 2, 2008, on the 85th anniversary of Callas’s birth, a group of Greek and Italian officials unveiled a plaque in her honor at Flower Hospital (now the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center) where she was born. Made of Carrara marble and engraved in Italy, the plaque reads, “Maria Callas was born in this hospital on December 2, 1923. These halls heard for the first time the musical notes of her voice, a voice which has conquered the world. To this great interpreter of universal language of music, with gratitude.”

Here are few of my favorite songs….

Marias Callas sings “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen

O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi, G. Puccini)

For more information clic on The Maria Callas Official Web Site.