Style Icon: Katherine Hepbern


Katharine Hepburn’s sense of fashion raised more than a few eyebrows in the 1930’s !. In those days, women’s fashion had not yet been liberated by the practicalities of World War II, (when women had to get out and take positions in the workplace in order to provide a living for their families while the men were at war). Women in the 1930s were actually arrested if they were seen in public wearing pants!. In those days clothing was still perceived as a manifestation of one’s gender, and “mannish” trousers were feared to reflect a perversity within women. But Katharine Hepburn stuck to her guns when it came to fashion and insisted on wearing those practical and comfortable pants that looked just perfect on her!

Katharine had her jeans custom made on Savile Row of all places!. I just love how she wore her wide legged, high waisted jeans with the beautiful long coats in the pictures above.


I truly love her style and always have her wide high waisted pants look in mind when I’m shopping for pants or when I’m putting a looking together ….. And I love finding hints of how much her style and especially her pantsuits still influences luxury brands till today ….. I always find her influences in brands like Céline and Max Mara to name a few!

4 thoughts on “Style Icon: Katherine Hepbern

  1. She had great taste. Her style never changed even as she grew older, it just matured, that’s why she’s such a style icon. Her outfits were put together so effortlessly. She never seemed to care how she looked as long as she felt comfortable.
    Even when she was self conscious about getting older, her fashion changed to suit it. She started wearing high collars and turtlenecks or scarves around her neck to “hide” her age but she stuck with her true colour even though low necklines was the trend at the time.

    • You are right… so effortless so comfortable and yet so elegant! that’s exactly why she’s a style icon till today! I always see “new trends” and think: I’m sure Katherine Hepburn is behind those inspirations or “new trend”

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