The Art of Gifting


When it comes to gifting, at least one rule is universal, it is the thought that counts!. That being said there are a few general rules and guidelines for gifting in good taste that I thought I’d share here since the holiday season is just around the corner.…

• Give a good quality gift, or none at all!

• Presentation is just as important!

• Be thoughtful and write a hand written note to accompany your present.

• Don’t be too concerned with price. It is the quality and thought that count, not the cost.

• If you don’t know someone well, play it safe with some fine chocolates, champagne.

• Always bring something for a host or hostess of events. Never go empty handed! I always get something like dessert or flowers at least.

• Speaking of flowers, be sure to gift them in odd numbers, except for 7, 11, and 13 which some consider bad luck. I sometimes avoid white flowers as they are for weddings, chrysanthemums, and lilies which are reserved for funerals, and red carnations… unless I know the host or hostess loves them!

• Be personal. If you know someone well, don’t be afraid to gift them books or music you think they will enjoy.

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