Inside Tamara Mellon’s Closet

I have been looking through my old drafts and found this post of Tamara Mellon’s fabulous closet…. She gave Vogue an exclusive tour of her personal closet in 2013…. I know that its a bit old and a lot of you might have seen it already but I love love love it and just had to share …… I love how super organized it all is and that everything has its place….. There are rows and rows of choos, and lots of vintage furs. And I just can’t get over her 31 black jumpsuits!!! This is by far my favorite closet 😉

I’m Back!!!

Have been missing this space for a while!…. it sort have been my virtual home…. and I’ve been really “homesick” lately so I finally decided to come back and give it one more try!!!!… There were many reasons for me leaving this space or for taking this much time as a break from it!…. But I honestly don’t want to bore you with my reasons!!! The important thing (at least for this blog) is that I’m back…. it feels so good to be back 😉