A Beautiful Nursery

Hello, everyone, I’m back!!!!… Yes, I took a really long break, and left without any notice!!!….To be honest I needed a break from this blog and needed to collect my thoughts about where I wanted it to take me!!!!… The fact that I’m back today doesn’t mean that I finally figured it out… I’m back simply because I really missed this place…. And though that I would give it another chance!!!

Anyways… Today I’m posting about this beautiful nursery:

The ladies at Sissy + Marley have put together another beautiful nursery, and I just couldn’t resist sharing it even though it has been on other websites for a while….. I love how this nursery is crisp, clean and full of versatile pieces that will grow with any baby….
However what I love most is that it’s a gender-neutral space and it’s sophisticated enough to blend with the adult areas of any home…
I’m a big fan of white on white textures and I think it’s done really beautifully in this space without being too monochromatic. I think that it was really smart that they left the toys to be the only pops of color in the space… this way the room can easily grow with whatever the kid is into and the color of the room (or even the theme of the room) can easily be changed with the toys!!

It feels good to be back!… It’s so good to be home!!!

Via buymodernbaby.com.

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Nursery

    • Thanks Shaymaa …. think you are right… I love sharing ideas and thoughts and thats really why I started this blog in the 1st place…
      thanks again
      xxx xxx

      • Your welcome babe… Anytime!! Love your blog, so keep it up pplllzzzzzz :*
        My blog is just random stuff lol!! Mostly what i buy and good deals i get.. Love to share good deals and the new stuff

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