Beautiful Penthouse Inspired By Nature

Going back to nature is back in fashion right now!!!… whether it’s in food, interior design, or high-end fashion!!!… In this Ukraine based project, Sergey Makhno Workshop used green and natural materials to create a loft-like space. I’m in love with the natural light that floods the apartment, and I recognize some of that lovely modern furniture I even have some of them on my wish list!… Though I must say that I wish they had a different dining table!!! 

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10 Unusual Uses For Coca Cola


I found this amusing so thought that I’d share it just for fun… I wish that I knew about number 8 when I was a kid!!! lol

1. Pot Cleaner

The bottom of pots sometimes become blackened. If you pour Coca Cola into your pots and let it sit. Wash the pot as normal with concentrating on the blackened areas and the Coke will likely remove the stains!

2. Rust Buster

Soak rusted metals in Coca-Cola overnight and then scrub in the morning. The rust will weaken and come off more easily.

3. Toilet Cleaner

Add a can of Coke into the mix to help hasten the cleaning process.

4. Window Cleaner

Instead of using chemical household cleaners, try wiping down windows with Coke to remove dirt and grease.

5. Clothing Stain Remover

Pour Coke right on top of a stain and let it soak. Ofcourse the stain will slightly discolor due to the color of the soda, but after you throw your clothes into your washing machine, the shirt will come out clean.

6. Pain Reducer

Dab the affected area with the beverage to relieve bee stings and mosquito bites. It even works for jellyfish stings!

7. Stomach Soother

Coca-Cola helps balance the pH levels in your stomach and will temporarily relieve heartburn and indigestion

8. Remove Gum From Hair

Soak your gum-tangled hair with Coke and let it sit for a few minutes. With some patience, begin to slowly pull it out.

9. Kill Bugs

If you want to get rid of an ant hill or rid roaches, spray the bugs with Coke. Even though it attracts them, it will also kill them once they’re inundated.

10. Loosen Bolts

Because Coca-Cola is so helpful in dissolving rust, it can help to loosen bolts that have rusted and once were close to impossible to remove.

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Mr. Selfridge

 My hubby and I started watching Mr. Selfridge and although it’s not as good as Downton Abbey it is still fun to watch and I highly recommend it!!!

The series is about Harry Selfridge, the American entrepreneur who had created London’s famous department store. He is known to have revolutionized shopping by simply making it fun!!! Sure, people always shopped, but it was more of a chore before Selfridge redefined the experience in 1909….

 Assistants working at Selfridges were encouraged to help customers rather than patronize them….He was actually the one who invented the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ !!!

Selfridges was the the1st place that had restaurants and hairdressing salon in-store and the 1st place that had lighting in shop windows that were lit at night.

Before Selfridge, cosmetics and toiletries had been hidden discreetly away at the back of the shop, considered too racy and taboo to be on display. He decided to move them to the front entrance of Selfridge’s so that people entering were assailed by a cloud of sweet scents…..He was revolutionary and full of great ideas.

I won’t say anymore although I am really tempted …. but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for my brother A 😉

A Beautiful Nursery

Hello, everyone, I’m back!!!!… Yes, I took a really long break, and left without any notice!!!….To be honest I needed a break from this blog and needed to collect my thoughts about where I wanted it to take me!!!!… The fact that I’m back today doesn’t mean that I finally figured it out… I’m back simply because I really missed this place…. And though that I would give it another chance!!!

Anyways… Today I’m posting about this beautiful nursery:

The ladies at Sissy + Marley have put together another beautiful nursery, and I just couldn’t resist sharing it even though it has been on other websites for a while….. I love how this nursery is crisp, clean and full of versatile pieces that will grow with any baby….
However what I love most is that it’s a gender-neutral space and it’s sophisticated enough to blend with the adult areas of any home…
I’m a big fan of white on white textures and I think it’s done really beautifully in this space without being too monochromatic. I think that it was really smart that they left the toys to be the only pops of color in the space… this way the room can easily grow with whatever the kid is into and the color of the room (or even the theme of the room) can easily be changed with the toys!!

It feels good to be back!… It’s so good to be home!!!