Wanna Run In Those Heels


PHILLIP LIM – Pre-Fall 2013


2 thoughts on “Wanna Run In Those Heels

  1. Wow, I can see why you love these shoes. They’re a copy of a Prada shoe from 2002 winter collections. (I own the version with the Mary Jane Strap) Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. Phillip Lim, much like Michael Kors, is guilty of the Redux, and doesn’t always get caught. Sorry, he’s busted, this is a Prada design and if you look at fashion history, her designs are often copied by the less fortunate in the talent department. Phillip Lim, though clever, is hardly Miucca Prada.

    • I agree with you I always see designs and think its a déjà vu from a previous Prada Collection … There is only one Miucca Prada… But I must say that I love Phillip Lim’s designs and I’m glad that those heels were inspired by Prada and not another designer that I’m not a fan of!!! 😉

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