No One Does Halloween Better Than Heidi Klum!

Heidi Klum is a very well known model… but she is also well known for her outrageous Halloween Costumes!!!

Thought I’d share a few pictures of her most outrageous ones with you 😉

Happy Halloween Everyone 😉


Fashion Police Hosts Dress Up For Halloween 2012

This year the Fashion Police hosts costumes were as colourful and funny as ever. From far left Kris Jenner was dressed as Psy, Kelly Osbourne dressed as Katy Perry, Joan Rivers dressed as Mariah Carey, George Kotsiopoulos as Brad Pitt from the Chanel No. 5 commercial, and Melissa Rivers as Nicki Minaj.

My favorite this year was Kelly Osbourne. She looked so much like Katy Perry…. Well done Kelly!



The Art Of Blending In!!!

I had this post sitting around in drafts, so I thought I’d just post it!!!

For several years now, Chinese artist Liu Bolin’s disappearing act has happened in plain sight……Initially, it was a reaction to the Chinese government shutting down his studio (“they want me to be invisible, I’ll be invisible”) as well as other, state-sanctioned repressive actions directed at his colleagues… As a result, Liu Bolin’s extraordinary works of public camouflage pictures are the most viewed on the internet…

The process of making oneself truly invisible is quite painstaking. Apparently, Bolin spends hours perfecting his poses to ensure that he’ll mesh with his background. Bolin then stands in front of backdrops with a team of assistants to paint the camouflage on his clothes.

Book Of The Week : Une Passion Marocaine

Yves Saint Laurent had a famous love affair…. It was with Morocco !!! In fact, he loved Morocco so much he bought the famous  Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech and made it his home.

Une Passion Marocaine gives an insight of his life there…. it’s sort of a diary or a scrapbook…even if you can’t read it (because it’s in french) the beautiful sketches and photographs themselves can tell you the story… A must!!!