Trend: Leather Pants

It is definitely not a new trend but it’s still going to be so IN this winter!!..Whether you are a tomboy or have a more ladylike style, you will look so effortlessly cool in them….. However, there are a few rules on how you could pull off this trend:

1. Don’t do a top to bottom leather look unless you want to look like a biker!

2. Wear a relatively loose top like a blouse or a t-shirt.

3. It’s best to wear those pants when it’s Autumn or winter.

4. Wear it in evenings only.

5. Buy black … you can never go wrong with black.

6. For a less dressy look, you can have your pants cropped.

6. Buy them tight… you don’t want to look like you are wearing someone else’s pants!!!

Hilary Swank’s New York Apartment

I am in love with Hilary Swank’s New York Apartment … I  can almost imagine how she feels like when she enters her apartment! Calm, serene and relaxed!…..Most of the furniture is by Calvin Klein and just like Calvin they are sleek and modern, yet all look and feel luxurious … My favorite thing about this place is that you can see books everywhere you go!….

via home furnishing ideas.

2012 Olympics Fashion

The 2012 London Olympic Games have officially come to an end and, once again, the U.S. and China won most of the medals….However, when it came to Olympic fashion I think that the Italians and the French won the gold medals!!!

Armani for Italy:

The Italians looked flawless in their games kit which was designed by Giorgio Armani….I think that it was the best of the lot… It wasn’t too colourful or too trendy … it was Stylish, Classy and timeless …. Very much like Armani!!!

Hermes for French Equestrians:

For outfits worn during the competition itself, the French won the fashion gold medal (if not real medals! ) by bringing in the luxury fashion house Hermès for their equestrian team…. They looked regal and formal which is very fitting for the sport!…. and it was really lovely seeing Hermès go back to its roots!