Ramadan Fashion

Caftans are the definite Ramadan fashion statement… They are our fashion “go to item” in this holy month…..but we all know that caftans are not a new trend… in fact, they have never gone out of fashion…. Here are few of my favorite vintage photos of Caftans:

My idol Maria Callas as Medea in1969 (She had the most beautiful caftan collection!)

Catherine Deneuve in Vogue November 1966 (She always looks beautiful in caftans)

 Diane von Furstenberg looked stunning in a caftan

Donna Allegra Carracciolo di Castegnato (No one wore caftans better!)

London 2012 Olympic Games Film

The Olympics 2012 has just started and I assume that everyone is going for the gold!!!…The athletes have worked so hard to get here…. How hard do you think they worked to get here? Is being an Athlete a hard job? If your answer is no, then what is the hardest job in the world in your opinion?!!!

I would like to share with you a short film about the London 2012 Olympic Games that might help you with the answer!!!…. I thought that this film was beautifully made…. it touched me so much I just had to share it!!!

The hardest job in the world,

Is the best job in the world!!!

L0ve you mom!!!


The Most Elegant Manhattan Townhouse

This is one of my favorite homes…..It’s in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and before being a townhouse it used to be 12 separate apartments!!! This incredible place belongs to designer Reed Krakoff and his interior designer wife Delphine.

I love how she filled their home with beautiful and thoughtful pieces of art and furniture. There are pieces from Louise Nevelson, Robert Motherwell, and Joseph Beuys, names that are usually associated with museums, not homes!!! “We only buy things that to us are extraordinary,” Delphine says….. looking at those pictures one could see how each piece was carefully considered and chosen!!!

In the living room, Alexander Calder’s 1971 mobile Two Black Discs and Six Others floats above a Jean Ary sculpture, André Dubreuil candelabras, and a Guy de Rougemont coffee table.

Delphine leans on a 1930s Serge Roche table. In the background is Frank Stella’s 1974 painting Concentric Squares and sconces by Maria Pergay. 

In the sitting room, the walls are decorated with Allan McCollum’s abstract installation Plaster Surrogates. Joris Laarman’s silver Bone chair sits in the foreground.

In the master bedroom are an Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann vanity, a 1920s-era bed by Jean-Michel Frank, and a table by Marc Newson.

The upstairs sitting room features a mirrored mantel by Serge Roche, circa 1930, which he made for his own private residence…. and I love how the Emilio Pucci pillows add a bit of color.

 Delphine in front of Al Held’s painting Black and White VII and Marc Newson’s 1986 Lockheed Lounge chaise.

Harper’s BAZAAR.

Book Of The Week: Scribble Scribble by: Nora Ephron

I started reading this book by Nora Ephron very recently… actually right after her death (which was around 2 weeks ago)… I don’t know why it never occurred to me to read one of her books before even though I have always been a big fan of her movies!!!

Scribble Scribble collects the columns she wrote for Esquire from 1975 to 1977…. I found it really interesting that she described the beginnings of a phenomenon that actually dominates journalism today!!!….She described the birth of People magazine….a magazine that makes its profits by focusing on celebrity gossip and revolves around their lives!!!

I loved the way she wrote this book…. she was wickedly funny in it… and I highly recommend it.

Next on my list is Crazy Salad!