Royal Ascot 2012

The Royal Ascot 2012 was full of Mad Hatters and Elegant Hatters alike!… Choosing my Top 10 hats this year was a bit trickier than last year because there were much more options this year (even though there were new dress code regulations!!!)

The first three options were the easiest for me because I simply fell in love with them!!!

1. Lara Stone wore the perfect hat!!… it had just the right amount of craziness!!!

2. Princess Haya’s hat wasn’t as busy as Lara’s hat but it was still fun, modern, and chic.

3. Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a beautiful hat by Jane Taylor… loved the lace!

4. I loved the shape and colour of The Queen’s hat on her. It almost looked like a twisted top hat and really made her look cheerful!!!

5.6.7. This fashionista wore Piers Atkinson’s Hyper Cherry Head Band that Anna Dello Russo made famous!!!

8. I am counting these 2 hats as one because they go together!!! One had champagne glasses and the other had the bottle!

9. Dutch designer Larisa Katz’s wore a crazzzy umbrella hat!!! I don’t envy the person who sat behind her lol !!!

10. And now that all the other events are over in London we can get ready for the Olympics 😉

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