The Perfect Couple!!!

I just love it when art meets fashion! They just make the perfect couple don’t you think?

Handbag designers collaborating with high-profile artists has been all the rage for a while now. Everyone from Louis Vuitton to Dior has given it a shot, and now Coach has joined the rage and collaborated with the New York-based artist James Nares!

To be honest I am not a Coach fan…. BUT the Coach x James Nares bags are just too beautiful and I might just buy my very 1st coach bag!!!… Something I never thought I would ever say before!!!

The bags feature the artist’s signature strokes, and they come in six colours, each will be made in limited edition of 175 pieces. “When one of these bags is carried past you, you have the impression of a painting set in motion,” says Coach SVP Jason Weisenfeld. “They really are works of art”.

James is known for his unique technique in painting!…. he basically suspends himself over the canvas in a self-made harness, and paints one continuous stroke using large brushes he developed himself.  He’ll make many attempts until he feels satisfied that the brush stroke is as it should be. In fact, he can go through hundreds of attempts before he’s satisfied with a particular stroke.

“I found that brushes are like characters in a way: Each one does a different dance,”  says Nares. “It’s a fine balance between design and the thing making itself happen. The stroke has to have the complete precision to work. Sometimes I lose it on the exit. You can’t fudge it. It ruins the whole thing.” The resulting figures are almost always contained within the rectangle. “It’s less of a window if I keep it within the confines of the canvas, but there’s almost always a drip that’s an umbilical cord.”