A New Home With Some Old Stuff!!!

This Villa in Austin Texas is by Brian Dillard Architecture. I love how the owners mixed modern and classic designs together… the strong design elements and general form of this very modern house were softened by the use of their classic furniture and accessories, like the dining room chandelier and mirror. I feel that the house is almost telling us the story of the owner’s journey!!!…. it doesn’t look like something cut out of a magazine but looks like a real home where you feel that each piece of furniture (whether modern or classic) was picked up and chosen by the people who live in it!!!…. Who knows? the furniture could be family heirlooms or they could be a collection of things from their travels!!!!…I love their art collection as well…I love that their choice in art is as diverse as their choice in furniture!

So what do you think?… Yes, there are a few pieces here and there that I wouldn’t have chosen… and I’m not a big fan of the floors … but in general … I love the whole idea and spirit of this place!

Via Freshome.

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