The Art In Your Cooking!!!

I came across this kitchen a few days ago and I just had to share it with you here!!!… I’m not sharing it because it’s grey and modern (though I must admit that I do like that)… I’m sharing it because of that sculpture … Now some of you might not like the sculpture itself but that’s not the point!!!…. You see, I love the idea of surrounding yourself with Art!!!…. I love homes where you see art pieces everywhere you go!!! Even in the kitchen!!!… I’m not talking about safe choices here … I think that an art piece in the kitchen would inspire you to cook better or at least put you in a good mood!!!

I like the fact that the owners of this kitchen didn’t put an art piece that people would normally put in their kitchens (like a painting or a picture of fruits!)….. That sculpture whether you like it or not made a statement!!!… Yes it is not practical to have it in the kitchen and Yes it does take up a lot of space …. but you have to admit that it gave the kitchen a sense of style and drama no fruit painting in the world would have been able to give!

Via IKEA Hackers.

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