Il Trovatore At The Royal Opera House Muscat

Thursday was such a busy day for me!… I am not sure how I managed but I guess that I did!…. Well barely!!!...Anyways after a long hectic day, we went and saw Verdi’s Il Trovatore at The Royal Opera House, Muscat…..This was a modern production of the Opera (set wise)… was a high-tech multi-media production that featured massive projected images that created a dynamic 3D effect ….. I have to say that a lot of people didn’t like it!!!… but I loved it!! It was something that you don’t see every day and a nice change…. I got this picture above from the net for you to see what I mean!!! the stage was empty except for the people on it, the rest was all projected!!!… It looked so real… Thought that it was brilliant!!!…

The Opera was Directed by Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, conducted by Nicola Paszkowski,  and accompanied by the Orchestra Giovanile and the Coro del Teatro Comunile di Piacenza.

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