Look Who Got Inspired By Downton Abbey!!!

Ralph Lauren opened his fall 2012 show to the theme music from Downton Abbey and apparently everyone squealed with delight when they heard the music and then saw all the models dressed in fabulous clothes that are inspired from the mini series !!!….Can you blame them?  Well I can’t!!!… My husband and I are huge fans of this delightful British period drama!!!

Here are some Tweets I found from some fashion editors: 

  • “Ralph Lauren is taking us to Downton Abbey for Fall and we couldn’t be happier,” from Harper’s Bazaar
  • “The theme song of Downton Abbey heralded the start of the Ralph Lauren show and my heart swooned,” from Derek Blasberg
  • “A little mortified by how excited I got hearing Downton Abbey theme song at Ralph Lauren,” from Style.com’s Meenal Mistry.

 I love this collection… and I just can’t wait to try some of them on!
I couldn’t resist adding this video to the post!!!… Dowager Countess of Grantham (Maggie Smith) is my favorite character in the show… she has a witty sense of humor that I love…
LOL Don’t you just love her?!

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