Oscar 2012 Déjà Vu!!!

Angelina Jolie chose to wear Versace again… and black again!! Though the black velvet gown was beautiful and yes velvet is so in right now … But I just felt that we have seen her in so many black dresses before it just felt so repetitive and safe to me!!!

Emma Stone wore a red gown by Giambattista Valli with a giant bow at the neck. It was very beautiful but unfortunately, it was very similar to the Balenciaga one Nicole Kidman wore five years ago in 2007!!!

My 3 Favorite Gowns From The Oscars 2012 Arrivals

 Gwyneth Paltrow looked wow in a white Tom Ford column and cape, she also had some of the biggest jewels on the red carpet, slipping on an Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie diamond cuff and ring…. This was my very favorite look!

Rose Byrne has been just so chic this award season…. She wore a sequin-covered black Vivienne Westwood dress, Jimmy Choo heels and Chanel jewlery.

Milla Jovovich wore an Elie Saab dress, Jacob & Co. jewelry, and an Edie Parker clutch…She looked old Hollywood!!!

Cher’s 10 Unforgettable Oscar Outfits

Yes I’m afraid that this is yet another post about Oscar fashion!!!…. Well what can I say! I’m really excited about it and can’t wait till tomorrow… I mean it’s the biggest Hollywood night right?!!!

I wanted to post about Cher today…. she has been in almost every worst dress list there is, and I thought that her outfits deserve a post all by themselves!!!… I personally don’t think that Cher should be on a worst dress list…. Cher only dresses like Cher and should be in a Category on her own… Simply because she never wanted to make fashion statements, she wanted to make Statements!!!…..She has been here before all the Gagas and the Minages were even born!!!

Here’s to you Cher and to your crazy outrageous outfits!

A reader pointed out that Cher’s 1st Oscar appearance was in 1968… so I am up-dating this now… I must say that she looked really cute in Pink!

In 1973, Cher wore the first of many memorable Cher Oscar outfits designed by non other than Bob Mackie!

In 1974, Cher attended the 46th Academy Awards this time without Sonny.

Cher wore a reserved long dress at the 1983 Annual Academy Awards…… However, with Cher being Cher, the outfit was of course still very lavish, and transparent.

Cher was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in ‘Silkwood’ at the 56th Annual Academy Awards.

Cher managed to steal the limelight at the 1986 Academy Awards by wearing this memorable Bob Mackie outfit…..She apparently wore this outfit because the “Academy” failed to nominate her for her highly-acclaimed starring role in the 1985 hit “Mask.” It worked well because the outfit is undoubtedly one of the most famous Oscar dresses of all-time.

The 60th Annual Academy Awards, hosted in 1988, witnessed Cher winning the ‘Best Actress’ Award for her role in “Moonstruck!” This outfit is again one of the most  memorable one’s in Oscar history.
The 61st Annual Academy Awards saw the previous years’ ‘Best Actress’ Oscar-winner return to present the ‘Best Picture’ Award. She walked the red carpet with then-boyfriend Rob Camiletti in a short black dress.
Nearly a decade after her last visit to the Oscar’s, Cher attended the 70th event with son Elijah Blue Allman, whilst sporting a flesh-coloured dress.
In 2000, Cher attended the 72nd Annual Academy Awards to present the ‘Best Original Song’ Award… From all her outfits this is my least favorite one… It reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s Morticia Addams outfit also worn in 2000!!!
I hope that we’ll be seeing Cher at the Oscars again some day!!!
Pics via Cher News.

Book Of The Week: Made for Each Other: Fashion and the Academy Awards

Well since the Academy awards is tomorrow I thought that it would be fitting to talk about this book!…Made for Each Other, is a fun book that talks about the history of the Oscars and fashion and how fashion and hollywood go hand in hand….. and is written by  Bronwyn Cosgrave (a former editor at British Vogue)

You can order you copy via Amazon.com.

10 Great Fashion Moments From The Oscars!

Here are my favorite Oscar fashion moments in random order:

Camila Alves glowed on the red carpet. McConaughey wore a black tux from Dolce & Gabbana and a bad tan!!! While Alves paired her Kaufmanfranco gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry… Her skin, hair and make-up were just perfection… This is a perfect example of the woman wearing the dress and not the other way round!

Hilary Swank’s long, extremely tight-fitting blue gown by Guy Laroche showed off her beautiful figure in 2005…. No one could have looked better in that dress!

Halle Berry won the Oscar in 2002 for her performance in Monster’s Ball, but she also triumphed on the red carpet in this stunning Elie Saab creation…. and put him along with other Arab designers in the map!

It was a memorable moment for me personally when Sharon Stone wore her husband’s crisp white shirt to the Oscars in 1998. She teamed it with a Vera Wang lavender silk skirt and proved that style is confidence…. She never looked better!

In 2000 Angelina stunned the media with her gothic, almost vampiric, vibe at the Oscars. Those days are thankfully long gone and it seems that she is getting classier and more beautiful as she ages. I loved this look simply because It is really hard to stun a crowd with a simple black dress but Angielina did it and did it well…. Her gorgeous Lorraine Schwartz emerald earrings and matching cocktail ring really pulled together this look, and made the plain black dress by Elie Saab come to life.

Natalie Portman topped the best dressed lists at the 2005 Oscars with this stunning silver Lanvin gown… I remember that moment because that was the moment I fell in love with Alber Elbaz!!!

Catherine Zeta-Jones wore this fire-red Versace in 1999… I fell in love with red dresses ever since!…

Jackie Kennedy first wore this Valentino dress in 1965. And heads literally turned when Jennifer Lopez wore it (and by it I mean the actual dress that Jackie wore!) to the Oscars in 2003…

Gwyneth Paltrow was compared to Grace Kelly in 1998 when she wore this pink princess Ralph Lauren gown and her own diamond necklace that her father got her…. I fell in love with that necklace (similar to the one above).

By 2001 many celebrities were raiding vintage stores for the statement glamorous gown… but no one pulled it off with more panache than Julia Roberts did at the Oscars. Roberts chose this Valentino gown (originally made for the 1992 couture collection) from the Valentino archive. The simple style was hailed as a red carpet classic and helped to popularize vintage clothing.

The Kiss Of The Matador!!!

I couldn’t resist sharing this video of the backstage photo shoot for the VOGUE Nippon March 2012 issue.

 Although there are not many positive reviews for this editorial, I still say that its one of the best photo shoots I’ve seen in a long time from the concept and  styling point of view…. I felt that it was unique and creative.

The styling was done by none other than Anna Dello Russo, who hasn’t failed to intertwine her own signature extravagance in the story. Renowned fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura photographed the shoot. His glamorous taste and lighting perfection played an important part in making this shoot so breathtaking.

Book Of The Week: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

I have been wanting to post about these books for a while now but kept on changing my mind every time!… the reason being that (a) Its already a big Hollywood hit so I assume everyone knows about them (b) `Everyone read them right?!!!….

Anyways I finally decided that I should post about them …. you know… just incase there are people out there who haven’t read the books yet!!!

I must say that I have only read the 1st book ( just in time to watch the movie) and am half way through the 2nd book…. I am hooked and I highly recommend reading them….

The family of the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson have confirmed that Larsson had written a further sequel before his sudden death!!!

According to the author’s brother, Larsson sent him an email 10 days before he died saying that another book was almost finished. The twist: Stieg Larrson had apparently decided to jump ahead in the series and write the fifth installment “because he thought that was more fun to write than book number four.” The New York Times’ Julie Bosman says: “The disclosure — should it be true — adds another turn to an already twisty personal story that is nearly as complicated as the plots of the Swedish crime mysteries that Mr. Larsson wrote.”

However no further books will be published now due to a “bitter dispute” between the Larsson family and the author’s longtime partner, Eva Gabrielsson. Although Gabrielsson lived with Larsson for more than 30 years, the two never married, and so, under Swedish law, his estate and the rights to his books reverted to his family. Gabrielsson is now fighting in court for her share of the profits…. Let’s hope that the disputes end quickly!!!

You can order the books via Amazon.com