My New Addiction!!! Clean House New York

Those of you who know me very well know that I just love the show Clean House…yes the makeovers aren’t great, but the befores are so bad they make the afters seem pleasant!!! Plus who couldn’t love Niecy Nash? She is just hilarious!

Anyways……..Clean House New York is my new addiction!…. it has the same concept but is done New York style!….. Basically the show will be dusting off the city that never sleeps! From the East side to the West side.

Clean House New York has 2 interior designers instead of just 1! Nina Ferrer and Michael Moeller (who I prefer)….They will help messy homeowners battle the disorganization that is holding them back ….Then, appraiser Elyse Luray and auctioneer Duncan Schieb identify anything valuable and sell it at a yard sale, auction, flea market or wherever the team can make the most money out of, with proceeds going towards the homeowner’s new clean and clutter free space with a surprisingly nice makeover by the 2 designers.

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