A Winter Home

This beautiful weekend home is designed by residential architect John Maniscalco. I like that he did not choose a typical style that would shed the snow quickly, instead he designed it in a way that it could shoulder the snow. He designed a super-strong flat roof that is angled ever so slightly to the rear, so snow sheds gradually, but otherwise is allowed to pile up which is so clever if you ask me!… 

I have to say that my favorite part of this house is the kids bedroom!…. I mean what says “ski cabin” better than bunk beds? …..I just love how they have managed to turn the most uncomfortable form of sleeping into a luxurious experience that any kid would be happy to indulge in…..The colorful upholstered headboards and the clean white linens look so elegant and yet still child friendly …. brilliant!

2 thoughts on “A Winter Home

  1. it looks like a place that makes one forget about everything and just relax, because of it’s simple interior… love it, perfect for a weekend home

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