Laughter Is The Best Cure

Today was one of those days!…. I had my son’s birthday party at home, and guess what theme it was!… it was a Messy birthday party theme!!!!! Nope not Messy the football player.. Messy as in “let’s make a mess”…..(more on that on a different post)… And just to give you an idea of what the after math of a messy party is !!!!

Yup I know what you are thinking and believe me I was thinking it too!!! …..Anyways to make a long story short a dear friend of mine told me that she was going to a stand up comedy show tonight and there might be seats still available…… so I thought what better way to relieve from all the stress of this long day other than laughter? … after all they do say that laughter is the best cure right? Right!

I’m glad that we went…. though now I feel that I need some sort of another cure!!! A spa treatment maybe?

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