London Philharmonic orchestra with YoYo Ma

Today I saw something that I have never seen before!!!! I have never ever seen so much passion between a man and his Cello!!! Mr. Ma’s passion to his music was so strong that you couldn’t help but surrender your self to his music. Watching him play live was just amazing!… You could literally see that he was feeling every single note he was playing!!!!! …. It was beautiful and my God that man is talented!!!……unfortunately we all felt that the concert was too short!… He only played in the 1st interval which was for 40 mins…… It was disappointing because we honestly wanted more of him!… I hope that he will be back to Muscat someday soon.

3 thoughts on “London Philharmonic orchestra with YoYo Ma

  1. It was a magical night listening to Yo Yo Ma play… but i also loved the 2nd interval, Christoph Eschenbach was amazing too, he conducts music like no one i’ve seen… really feels it and shows it through his body language.

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