Andrea Bocelli In Muscat

Just got back from the Bocelli concert…. what can I say?… I just loved it …especially the second part of it!!!….Bocelli’s voice, more specifically his interpretation of Opera, has been regularly criticized by classical music critics all over the world. Some even said that he has “poor phrasing, uneven tone and a lack of technique.” now I am certainly not a music critic but I completely disagree with those critics. Bocelli mesmerized us tonight and completely seduced his audience with his beautiful voice …. What an incredible night….

Having said that … I wish he sang Besame Mucho! … No one sings it better than him!!!

The video below is the reason why my little one is already a big fan!

3 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli In Muscat

  1. Seeing him afterwards at the Chedi was special too 😀
    I agree, Besame Mucho in his voice is the best version.
    The Elmo one is wonderful, it’s really good that they get such artists to perform in kids programmes… in the end when elmo says:”Mr.Bocelli please! Elmo’s trying to sleep!” he sounds so much like Moodi when he’s tired loool

    • I can’t believe how shy he was …. and such a lovely family … so glad that we met him 🙂
      you are right …so glad that they are bringing great artists to sing for the little ones… great publicity for Elmo and the artists but also great for the kids!!!

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