Don Quixote

Just came back from a beautiful night at the Royal Opera House Muscat… I took my daughter and her friends to watch Don Quixote’s Ballet. They had a great time and practiced their ballet moves in the intermissions!!!….My daughter came up to me and said “We are so lucky to have an Opera House here. Right mama?…. We no longer have to wait till we travel to watch a ballet”…… She is so right …. We are lucky indeed!…

Picasso’s Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a comedy ballet based on an episode taken from the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. It was originally choreographed by Marius Petipa to the music of Ludwig Minkus.


Our story today is based in Sevilla; the inn-keepers daughter Kitri is in love with a barber called Basilio. But her father Lorenzo wants her to marry a rich yet clumsy nobleman called Gamache.. Gamache is ofcourse in love with her!

But first, meet our title-role, the old nobleman Don Quixote. He is a dreamer….. well and maybe a tad delusional !!!. You see when ever he falls asleep he dreams about being a young knight, and falls in love with a beautiful queen called Dulcinea (who ofcourse does not exists except in his head!)….. And in his dream she is kidnapped by evil emperors… So one day as our Don walk up, he decides to go on an adventure to save her.

Act I

A market-place in Barcelona

Kitri sneaks out of her house to meet the barber Basilio. Her father, Lorenzo, sees the lovers and sends Basilio away, bringing Kitri to tears.

Gamache, goes to Lorenzo and asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The innkeeper is over the moon and accepts with delight, but Kitri, runs away as soon as she finds out that her father has accepted.

Dancing begins in the square and at that moment Don Quixote arrives followed by Sancho, his loyal servant. At his master’s command Sancho sounds his rusted horn, causing the townspeople to cover their ears.

Lorenzo runs out of his inn, and Don Quixote thinks that Lorenzo is the lord of a famous castle falls to his knees, and begs to serve him. Charmed, Lorenzo invites the knight to sit on his balcony.

Peasants gather in the square and dancing resumes. Kitri returns and as soon as Don Quixote sees her he thinks that she is his beloved Dulcinea. He becomes jealous of her affection for Basilio so he attempts to woo her by partnering her in a minuet. But Kitri and Basilio then run away yet again!!!…… Lorenzo and Gamache follow them. Don Quixote and Sancho follow them as well!

Act II

Scene 1

Fleeing from Lorenzo and Camacho, the two lovers, Kitri and Basilio, wander into a gypsy camp.

The gypsies dance for their guests. A girl informs them of the approach of Don-Quixote. Basilio and kitri meet him like good old friends.

The turning sails of a windmill, catch Don Quixote’s eye. They are the arms of giants! Don Quixote attacks the windmill. His clothes get caught on a sail; he is first swung up into the air, then hurled to the ground.

Kitri and Basilio attend to his injuries. They spend the rest of the night near the gypsies’ caravan.

Scene 2

Don Quixote dreams that cupid presents him to the Queen of the dryads. The nymphs are grateful to him for rescuing them from the power of the monster, and dance for their deliverer.

Scene 3

Dawn breaks, Kitri and Basilio wake up only just in time, for Lorenzo and Camacho are close upon them. The lovers flee. Don Quixote, their protector now, sends Lorenzo and Camacho on a false trail.


People gather for a fiesta at an inn. Kitri and Basilio, having given the slip to Lorenzo and Camacho, have also come here to take part in the celebration.

The innkeeper warns Kitri of her father’s approach, she tries to escape, but her father finds her and drags her to Camacho to give them his parental blessing for their marriage. Camacho kneels before her.

Basilio, seeing this, stabs himself and falls to the ground. Kitri rushes to him. She knows at once, that he is acting, but she begs Don Quixote to go to Lorenzo her father and persuade him to grant Basilio’s dying wish – which is to give them his parental blessing. Basilio is sure to die Why not ease his last moments?

Camacho protests, but is driven out quickly. At Don Quixote’s insistence, Lorenzo blesses the lovers.

The minute that happens  Basilio jumps to his feet and kisses the astonished Lorenzo.

It is finally Kitri and Basilio’s wedding at the inn……The newly weds dance for Don Quixote, to whom they owe their happiness.

Now, that his mission here is completed, Don Quixote continues on his quest to find his imaginary Queen.

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