Castle Season 4

Spoiler’s Alert!!!! Last season ended at Captain Montgomery’s funeral.  Castle saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eye.  It was a sniper.  Beckett was shot.  Castle tried to save her ……and then confessed his love to her.

This season picked up right where season 3 left off.  Castle, Lainey, Ryan, and Esposito all wait for news while Kate is in surgery…..Obviously she flat lines but then she survives!….She later lies to Castle and tells him that she remembers nothing from the day she was shot (which includes Castle’s love confession to her)….. She takes three months to recover….. and then is back with beautiful fresh highlights in her hair. All this time Castle ofcourse blames himself for what happened to her because he is the one who pushed her to dig into her mother’s case.

The rest of the show was a little predictable but still great.  In the end, Kate comes face to face with the suspect that they were pursuing and freezes but Castle talks her through it!
All in all it was great as usual and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season!


3 thoughts on “Castle Season 4

  1. I only read spoiler alert n stopped!!
    Will u spoil the start of season 4 for me in this blog if I continue reading!!!!?

    • I wrote “spoilers alert” especially for you!! lol…. because I know that you would get mad …. so don’t read the post …. though its nothing special… I only saw the 1st episode and thats what I wrote about …… and promise that I wont write about it anymore…. well until I know that you have seen it 😉

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