Watching Onegin For The 1000 000th Time !!!

Onegin is one of my favorite movies… it is based on Alexander Pushkin’s 1831 novel and is directed by Martha Fiennes, and staring her brother Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler.

I have to say that Ralph Fiennes delivered one of his best screen performances ever as Onegin… The character seems to suite the actor’s elusive charisma perfectly, and the timings of his jagged one-liners was just remarkable….. Liv Tyler was just brilliant as Tatyana, she shifted gear from innocent to bruised and then to sophisticated woman of principle with such a convincing performance!

Director Martha Fiennes has a visual style that has been honed by her work in pop promos and commercials, and because of that Onegin is full of beautiful, often breathtaking images….The final scenes in St Petersburg and the heartbreaking last meeting between Tatyana and Onegin in an austere room in her palace were handled with great style!…..

With Ralph in the lead as Pushkin’s anti-hero…and Magnus Fiennes providing the film’s music as well as directing it, it is very much a Fiennes family affair…..A Fiennes film….a fine film indeed!!!

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