A Small Loft In Chicago

I usually post about big homes with fabulous views and the reason for that is because I love space and see it as luxury….Today however I found a small loft in chicago that sort of has that sense of space as well…

“I get stressed out when my house is cluttered by things that I don’t care about. I am so much more focused when I only have things around me that are important and beautiful” says Andreas about his home… I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!…It’s like he was reading my mind!!!…I really love the simplicity of his loft…. I am sure that it looks much bigger than it actually is!

I love that fact that he furnished his place in a smart way…. he researched a lot and sometimes used cheaper alternatives for certain things in order to get other things that he had his heart set on… Like for example he used Ikea kitchen cabinets for his living room storage (where he hides his speakers when not in use) as a cheap alternative but then he got his beautiful Florence Knoll desk, Florence Knoll credenza, and Eames LTR bedside table, which are TDF!

Via Apartment Therapy


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