The Naomi Vs Cadbury Case!


Naomi Campbell sued Kraft Foods for this Cadbury Ad…”I am shocked. It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people,” Campbell told the Daily Mail. “I do not find any humor in this. It is insulting and hurtful.”

In my opinion Naomi Campbell is certainly a Diva (though not in a positive way!) regardless of her skin colour…… The word Diva carries connotations of success, popularity, glamour, and now a days a bit spoiled! Campbell certainly fits the bill, and so it wouldn’t be surprising if any ad using the word “diva” referred to her….. And, to say that both Campbell and a chocolate bar are divas is not the same as saying that Campbell herself is a chocolate bar!

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the Cadbury advertisement which Naomi Campbell called “insulting and hurtful” was not racist and was “likely to be understood to refer to Naomi Campbell’s reputation for ‘diva-style’ behaviour rather than her race,” and was therefore not offensive.

I also believe that the intention wasn’t racist. But who knows what the ad’s makers were thinking?

6 thoughts on “The Naomi Vs Cadbury Case!

  1. i don’t believe the intention was racist either… besides, even if she was described as chocolate, what is so racist about that?… if she thinks it’s insulting because it refers to her colour, then that’s is like thinking that black colour is insulting… nothing wrong with or insulting about any skin colour.

  2. Naiomi Khasfa .. oh yobalhaa 7ad y3alamha el adab…
    she is after the money
    i agree with miss noor, the intention wasnt about being racist..

    el mohim ” izaayik inti ya chocalata ?”

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