DIY Table Lamp From Old Toys

I am not a big fan of DIYs …. however every now and then I find a DIY project that not only impresses me but inspires me as well…. like this beautiful table lamp that Ryan McElhinney made from old toys.

I just love the idea of using your kids favorite toys or things (when they are older) as art instead of putting them in a box or displaying them on an old shelf! ….. This is one DIY project I think I might make someday!

I have made a few changes on how to make this lamp (just to make it more professional looking!!!) To make the lamp you first need to get a plain and simple white lamp with a wide base and shade… then arrange the toys to form a nice looking base and bond them all together with super glue and when you are satisfied with the shape, paint the lamp with several coats of paint and one coat of polyurethane lacquer…. et voilà

For more info go to  Shelterness.

2 thoughts on “DIY Table Lamp From Old Toys

  1. this is very creative, i’m not a fan of DIYs either, but this is an exception…. it is very well made and doesn’t look like the cheap looking ones one might find in the net.

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