“Je ne fais pas la mode, Je suis la mode”

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel revolutionized fashion, liberated women from confining corsets and introduced them to “casual elegance”….She said that she wanted to give women “the possibility to laugh and eat, without necessarily having to faint”…..She designed trousers and comfortable suits for women, and she was the first to use jersey fabric as outerwear (at the time jersey fabrics were only used for men’s underwear!)… She hated the ornate ostrich-feathered hats of the day, famously asking, “How can a brain function under those things?” The flapper hat was her answer, and women loved it…..Coco was a trendsetter even when she didn’t intend to be. For example, when she cut her hair short, she sparked the craze for bobbed hair.  And if you thought that tanning became fashionable because of some movie star, think again! It was Coco who made it fashionable when she got sun burnt in 1923 on a cruise towards Cannes!

Coco Chanel’s style and designs still remain influential and relevant till today. In the 1920s she introduced her signature “little black dress” which became a fashion staple and a must have for women everywhere. In fact by designing modern clothes she in fact created our classic wardrobes!!!



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