10 Things I love About London

We just arrived!
Here are my 10 reasons for loving this city though I could actually write a book about how much I love it!
  1. London has so much history… you are surrounded by history and culture every where you go here!…. and there are so many museums to go to no matter what your taste is or what you are into…. honestly forget Greek, Turkish or even Egyptian museums!… the British have nicked all the good stuff ! lol
  2. The London Taxi… the cleanest most comfortable taxis in the world and most importantly the taxi drivers actually know the city inside out!
  3. The unpredictable weather… yes I do love that!… I come from a country where we only have 2 seasons! spring and summer!… so yes the English weather is always a nice change for me!
  4. The British Tele.. I always miss it when I’m away !
  5. Restaurants …. most of my favorite ones are here!
  6. Night life….from musicals, to stand up comedy shows, to concerts, to cinemas … you always have something to do or somewhere to go.
  7. Tea Time :p
  8. The Shopping… I just love shopping in London period!
  9. The Parks…. The 8 parks add up to 5000 acres…Londoners have 30 sq. meters of open space per capita compared with 19 sq. meters in Paris, 12 in NY, 11 in Tokyo , and only 0.5 in Bangkok.
  10. It is my home away from home….. it’s so good to be home!!!