This Could Be Heaven!

Yesterday we spent the whole day at our friends farm house up in the mountains… the weather was perfect, the kids loved it , we loved it ….  Heaven

This however is not the only reason for me choosing this title!!! …. I chose this title for three reasons!!! …The first is the most obvious one, which is, it is so beautiful … I mean just look at this picture.  You cannot but relax and breath in this place…..The second reason is … to get to heaven you have to work hard, have a good heart, do well in all the tests that God throws on your way and Pray!…. Well let me tell you, to reach to this place you have to go through the Beirut Traffic and that my friends is not only a test for patience but it is a test for tolerance as well… I honestly do not understand how people can cope with this traffic and be surrounded by stressed people every single day of their lives!!! Chapeau Bas to all my Lebanese friends who have to deal with this on a daily basis !

Once you leave the traffic all behind you though, you start praying !!! ….. Which brings us to the third reason! This place is high and when I say high I mean 1700m high (very close to heaven if you ask me)….. and the roads that get you there are bumpy and very steep!  I honestly felt that the car was about to fall off that mountain at any second……Which ofcourse got me praying …. I prayed for us while putting a brave face for the kids …. I prayed for God to give me a second chance to live and fix all the promises that I broke! (which to be honest now that I’m safe at home I can’t remember any more!) I prayed for him to get us safely and in one piece… I prayed for him not to give me a reason to scream so I don’t let the kids freak out (because they were enjoying the scenery until they saw my face turning blue!)….I prayed for strength and colour to come back to my face …. I prayed for everything that crossed my mind … I even prayed for peace!!!

Needless to say we arrived safely and I can’t tell you how happy I felt once we arrived!! Arriving at this beautiful place with such a warm welcome felt like a reward….it felt like we were greeted at heavens doors !!! …… and when I walked through that door and saw that incredible view I couldn’t help but think “This could Be Heaven!”!!!


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