Accessories That Make My Packing Life Easier

My husband and I love Tumi suitcases in the Alpha range. We use most of their packing accessories as well…. Tumi really helps us to be organized in our packing.

Though Tumi makes my packing life much organized and easier it doesn’t do the job for me when it comes to my hand bag or the diaper bag!

I found this picture from the net and found it quite similar to my diaper bag system

I love using see through bags for the kids … it gives me a piece of mind plus makes checking in stuff in the plane much easier! I have categorized 5 bags instead of 6 and I use Anya Hindmarch’s In-Flight leather trimmed travel cases

For my hand bag however I use a different system !!! I use these cases which are also from Anya Hindmarch ( though mine are actually black )

1. This one says Remedies on it… I use it for panadols and other pills that we might need on flight as well as vitamins for the 1st couple of days just incase luggage gets lost ( yes yes I know I’m crazy!)

2. This one is obviously the make up bag … its not big enough to carry all my make up but is big enough to carry what I need for the flight plus small enough to get into any hand bag.

3. Other than my wallet I have a bunch of money cases !

As you can see each one has a different currency so it makes putting money in different currencies much easier for me … I really love those cases

4. I also use a card album ( not too sure what you call it! ). This holds all the airline cards , store cards etc


5.We keep all our electronics , computers etc on a carry on and take a few toys for the baby ……..Well I guess that thats it ( hope that I didn’t leave something out) as you can see we are not light travelers and honestly as much as I try to be organized I always seem to leave something behind :s !!!


3 thoughts on “Accessories That Make My Packing Life Easier

  1. love the idea of the small see through bags, i always put everything in 1 or 2 big non-see though ones, which makes it difficult to find stuff, plus incase of a spill, plastic will hold it all in & so won’t let it get to the cloths & ruin them, as opposed to fabric bags.

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