Ralph Lauren Manhattan Apartment

Minimalism is not a term often associated with Ralph Lauren. Yet when you see this apartment you can immediately see the Ralph lauren touches everywhere! It is so him ….  the high gloss lacquered surfaces, the fur throw, the embossed crocodile lamp bases, the zebra print mirror – all little hints of one of his signature looks from his safari collection.

I love the fact that art in his apartment is not about status but it is more about personal preference and have personal meanings to him and his wife Ricky. For example the batman painting is by his nephew Greg lauren… and he has a Star Wars figure in the entrance which was a Father’s Day gift from his family because they used to watch Star Wars movies together.

According to him this Fifth Avenue duplex went through a lot of renovations. It took nearly 30 years to get it to this stage !!! …..The three bedrooms that once belonged to his children have been opened up to make the spaces within the apartment seem larger.  A floating feeling has been enhanced by raising the level of the living room so that you step up into it and by removing the previous blinds from the windows, he has brought the outdoors inside. The open white spaces now create a comfortable, simple home for him and his wife.

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