No More Diet Coke For Me!

I consider my self a healthy person… I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I eat healthy, I take my vitamins but there is one thing that I just cannot give up!!!!  I am a Diet Coke addict … have been all of my life!!! … I know alllll the harmful effects etc and that never bothered me … Well till now at least …. My kids are growing up and watch every move I make and copy me in everything I do … I don’t want them to copy me in this unhealthy habit…. so I have decided to stop it for good before it is too late ( before they start this nasty habit )…. for their sake and mine ….

I found this diagram on the net and printed it out to sit and discuss with them the harmful effects of Diet Coke on our bodies

I am having my last Diet Coke while writing this post…I’m having small sips …. and sadly am enjoying every bit of it !…( pathetic I know )
Good bye my dear friend …We have been through a lot … you were always with me…. and  I know that I will miss you a lot !…. but fear not my old friend for I will not abandon you !!!
Here are new ways for me to use you

  • Phosphoric acid ( which is one of your ingredients ) is used in construction work to remove mineral deposits and hard water stains…. so I will use you to do the same at home!
  • You have the power to strip polished wood surfaces.
  • The citric acid in you removes stains from toilets, so I will just pour you in and and wait for you to get the job done!
  • You can clean the corrosion from our car battery…
  • You can remove grease from clothes so I will simply pour you over the grease before putting the clothes in the washing machine!
  • Last but not least you can neutralizes the sting of a jelly fish…. so I will take you with us on our boat trips how great is that?

6 thoughts on “No More Diet Coke For Me!

  1. HOORAY!!! that’s the best decision you’ve done yet X}
    I remember you used to tell us about vitamins and organic food and all that growing up…most of the things I learnt about the good stuff were by you…so I was super surprised you didn’t stick to it. I’m so happy the kids won’t have these things around…it was annoying the hell out of me =P
    I’ve abstained from fizzy drinks and junk food for a long time now…still a long way to go to reach a healthy stage though <— that's for sure XD
    I thought only lemonade was used to remove grease off of clothes cause it's white…I guess it has nothing to do with colour =P
    I love that you have something to use against jelly fish sting XD don't know why it always bothers me that I think about it all the time eventhough I don't go to the beach!!! hehehheh

  2. The only thing I never stuck to was my diet coke…. I got so used to it that no other drink would quench my thirst !!!… The kids weren’t allowed to have it … yet they always wanted to because they saw me drinking it all the time..not any more though!
    We had a jelly fish incident with one of our friends when we were out on the boat …. we washed it with cold water and put lemon on it which probably stung like hell… so am happy to know that there is something else that we can use instead of lemon ( assuming that it would work ofcourse)

  3. Ok this is a few days later? Are you still Diet Coke less? Sticking to your guns?
    You know why I would be asking 😦

    • Lamya this is soooo hard 😦
      but I’m still hanging in there ….. The kids are growing up and watch my every move …. I always talk to them about the side effect of diet coke etc but it’s really time for me to show them that I practice what I preach …. I have to be a good role model to them…..
      I’m drinking sparkling water all the time now…. and have made a few drinks with some fresh juices mixed with it … its not the same but it helps…

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