Donna Karan’s Manhattan Home

Donna Karan’s Manhattan apartment forces you to switch off the minute you walk in. It is very “Zen” yet very elegant at the same time… I love the fact that it is minimal in terms of accessories and any sort of decorative elements. The black and white color palette brings a modern and sleek feel to the space where as the layered textiles and art work bring an organic sense to it.

I have to say that my two favorite spaces in the whole apartment are: the private spa room and her balcony with that marvelous view of the beautiful city which has become synonymous with her name.

4 thoughts on “Donna Karan’s Manhattan Home

  1. She has some aspects of the undecorative style typical to New York which suits the whole look of the apartment, which is amazing because i think it’s difficult to have both zen and undecorative styles together… looks nice

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