Book Stores Are Closing Down In Muscat !

Reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have. But unfortunately the majority of us here in Oman still haven’t been introduced to the fabulous world of books.
I have received this broadcast from a dear friend of mine today…. I can’t tell you how much it worried me !

“2 bookshops in Muscat have closed down this month, and Boarders has 3 months to meet their targets or face shutdown! This news was very saddening and so I have decided to start a reading campaign through broadcast to encourage everyone to make a habit of reading books, especially amongst the young. And eventually strive to have world class libraries for our local communities. Lets be inspired by this quote “A Nation that Reads is a Nation that Succeeds” 

So please start reading this summer, encourage your kids and other family members to do so as well… have a reading time or try reading at least 2 chapters before bedtime.

If you are still not convinced to read then maybe one of the 8 reasons below might convince you to do so:

  1. Reading helps us to become more cultured : How would we know about the lives of people in South America, or the far East or anywhere else in the world  if we don’t read about them? Reading gives us an insight into the diversity of ethnicity of people all over the world. We get to learn more about their customs, their lifestyles etc…. reading gives clarity about the fundamentals of other religions. This helps us to be more tolerant and respect each other in a better way.
  2. Reading improves our vocabulary: Did you know that reading increases your vocabulary more than talking or listening? Reading forces us to look at words that we might not have seen or heard of before.
  3. Reading builds our confidence: The more we read, the more “au courant” we become. Being up to date with current events helps us to have intelligent conversations with people…This naturally makes us feel more confident.
  4. Reading improves our memory: Many studies show that if we don’t use our memory, we will eventually lose it. Reading helps us stretch our memory muscles because it requires remembering details, facts and figures, plot lines, themes and characters.
  5.  Learn anywhere: Books are portable. We can take our books almost anywhere. Therefore we can learn almost anywhere too.
  6. Reading reduces stress : When we read a book, our minds shift gears. Whats more relaxing than a good book after a long hectic day? Nothing ! A good book can easily distract us and take us to another time and place. Reading a great fiction is perfect right before bed time. (Though I must admit that sometimes it’s hard to put the book down if it’s really good).
  7. Reading gives us a sense of satisfaction:  As a parent reading a bed time story to my children gives me pure joy. Nothing can be more satisfying to me than to sit and read to them a bed time story.
  8.  The book is always better than the movie : (except for The English Patient!).. I have this habit (ever since I was a teenager) to read the book before watching the movie… try doing that with a movie you’re planning to watch next ! You ‘ll find your self understanding the depth of each character much more then someone who hasn’t read the book!

9 thoughts on “Book Stores Are Closing Down In Muscat !

  1. So sad that all these book stores are closing down, i didn’t think they were enough to start with… Very good initiative Rasmia, ppl should start reading more

    • I was thinking that from now on I will include some books with gifts I give wether to kids or adults…Actually I have done that several times before but I should do it more often now!

      • i love it when ppl do this, include books with gifts, perfect if u know what the interests of that person are.

  2. Mimo told me that Borders closed down (that little @^%£)
    So we have 3 months to buy books and YOU KNOW WHAT hehehe
    I ordered so many books…I guess they’ll go ignored hahhahah…oh yeah about the memory thing…LIVING PROOF!!! <— reading DID help!

  3. Very good info here 🙂
    I used to go each week to Boarders …and it’s very sad to see it go
    Oman is not the only country effected..It is Worldwide issue.
    Boarders has filed for bankruptcy recently..

    I think most people turn to e-libraries for e-books, digital downloads.. Most of them nowadays prefer to have a soft copy..

    I already started to buy e-books from Apple store in my iPhone 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment
      I had no idea that Boarders has filed of bankruptcy !
      I am guilty of buying e books from apple store too …. just fiction though. The rest of the books I get from various book stores

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