A Rainbow Of Books

(Picture found from the net)

Yesterday I organized our books by colour. But now I’m sort of regretting it!!! …… although it looks really nice, I’m afraid that finding books won’t be as easy as it was before ( I used to have them organized by genre )…. I guess that I ll leave it as it is for now and see how I feel about it in a weeks time !

I found this fun video of organizing books by colour and thought that you might like it (although I’m sure that most of you have already seen it )…. the music isn’t bad either!

3 thoughts on “A Rainbow Of Books

  1. looks cool…and when the books are organized by colour in the video it looks much neater there… doesn’t always work though, not with my book shelf

    • Mine looks pretty good now…. but I am torn between wether to go back to my old system or just leave it organized by colour because one system is practical and the other one feels fresh !
      ….. Guess I will leave it till we are back from holiday and then see how I still feel about it….

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