A Coffee Reading !

I am dedicating this post to someone ( you know who you are ) who is in Turkey on a 2 days business trip !!!

I see good fortune coming your way … I see a beautiful woman with long hair, and three adorable children in your life ! …. hmmm I see that they are missing you so much and can’t wait to see you! …..I can see big kisses and even bigger hugs waiting to greet you …. Some little things are being made for you by little hands …. I see big smiles on your faces ….

Do you see these little lines joining together and becoming one? …..It means that they are your destiny as you are theirs ! ….. Let me tell you my son …. you are one lucky guy to have such love in your life ! ….. I hope that all goes well for you and that you will always enjoy your lives together…..

Well ……. that will be 20 Turkish liras. Please come again and don’t forget to bring your lovely wife with you the next time you come !

2 thoughts on “A Coffee Reading !

  1. What a fortune teller? what a mortal person? how in the world did she know all these facts? I look forward to the revalations. And hope they come true. I will do anything to hire this furtune teller for life as I will need to have thier advise in every trip in my coming future. What ever the cost. About the little hands I miss them a lot and look forward to seeing them as they fill my life with joy and happiness. So I bid the fortune teller Success with her forecast as this will lead to the longest adventure I can think of.

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